Your team has been appointed to manage a manufacturing company that produces 4 different products. Through a series of decision making rounds (each indicating one year of operations) you will have to manage your company in a highly competitive market. Each round you have to do an external analysis (market demands, competitors, news items) as well as the internal analysis (finance, inventory, etc.). Based on that you will determine your strategic focus and take operational decisions on tactical level.

In this highly competitive market, the other companies are managed by the other student teams. That means that all your decisions are actually influencing the other team’s results!

Your company was founded 2 years ago so you are taking over the company in the 3rd year of its existence. The previous management had a ‘stuck in the middle’ strategy, and didn’t even choose a distinctive company name yet!

Please note that it’s a fair competition. This means that in the start situation, all competitive companies are exactly the same (same inventory, same balance sheet, same market shares, etc.).